Jeanette Bergen Photography | Willow Springs Road Bridge - One View, Many Viewpoints
at Infinity - The Willow Springs Road Bridge Experience - flip box - kinetic art - $675Willow Springs Road Bridge Project - flip box - kinetic art - $675

Once a month The Gallery at Round Top hosts "A Conversation", where artists and creatives come together to share ideas and enjoy stimulating conversation. The Willow Springs Bridge Project, "One View, Many Viewpoints", is a product of these conversations. Our one view was the Willow Springs Road Bridge, many viewpoints is about the different ways we interpret the same object. Over thirty artists, poets, and writers created and exhibited their art in June of 2014 at Arts for Rural Texas in Fayetteville, Texas.

I visited the bridge in March of 2014, and created many photographs of the bridge from different perspectives. My favorite images were of the reflections of the bridge and trees in the water of Cummins Creek. The bridge has been given a personality by the people that visit; leaving letters and notes in the railings, love locks, and even a tribute to a local man who would fish from the bridge. I decided to create a mutoscope to capture the journey across the bridge. There's a sense of timelessness about the bridge, built circa 1885, around the same time mutoscopes were invented. The Willow Springs Road Bridge is located off Hwy 159 between Industry and Fayetteville. You can see more artists' creations at the project website:
at Infinity (Willow Springs Road Bridge) - flip box - kinetic art - $675Natural LightWildness